Don’t Let the Thoughts of Others Defeat You

We’re all living in a society full of expectations and comparison to one another. Who is better? Who is more successful? and you know what? this is very toxic. It’s a virus that takes away happiness from your life.

We’re expected to live our life the way other people want it to be, not living it for ourselves. We supposed to spend not more than 4 years in university; we’re supposed to have a proper job and earn money at this age; we’re supposed to get married at that age. All because others are doing it. We’re living under pressure of our surroundings.

Some people think that by comparing yourself to others makes you strive harder and dream harder. However, the thoughts of feeling we’re not as good as someone will eventually put us down, it’ll give you a little regret that stuck in your head. Somehow, it demotivates you and depresses you even more.

At this age, you may have a lot of random thoughts running through your head. You may think of someone, at the same age as you, has already done some major jobs in their life. He/she may earn a better reputation and successful in their business. He/she may have gone ahead of you several steps already, and you just end up feeling sad about yourself that you achieve nothing at the same age.

Just don’t compare your life in a negative way, but compare it to be a better you.

Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), overcame awful rejections 1009 times before he could sell his franchise worldwide. Sharing a similar story, J.K. Rowling’s perseverance in making her stories heard is something you can learn about. She proved us that it’s never too late to chase your dream no matter how far others have been to.

You may think of other stories to be an inspiration to enrich your capacity. In another way, you may compare your current you with the old you. Are you heading to your set goal? Did you improve by learning from your past mistakes? Are you a better person?

You have your own way to live your own life. Don’t be upset if you don’t follow the majority, just break it! You’re taking a bit longer than the others, doesn’t mean you’re getting lost; doesn’t mean you aren’t successful.

It’s the matter of how you define your own success. As long as you’re satisfied with what you are doing; it’s all you need. You gotta be proud of yourself that you’re able to achieve your dream, you’re living without regrets.

We are the owner of our destiny. Why you have to write the same story as others to record in your book? You should fill your blank paper with what you wanna read it later in your life. A story that keeps you smiles about whenever you reread. A story that you’re proud to share with others.

If you’re expecting your life to be the same as others; you’re doing it wrong. You don’t have to follow the same paths to be successful in life.

Never focus on what other people think. I took my second degree three years later than my friends,  yet I never felt regret about my decision. It’s because I know myself that I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I had tons of unforgettable memories that I cannot buy later on in life. I just live a simple life in a way that I’ll always smile whenever I look back.

Don’t let the thoughts of others defeat you, and believe in yourself !!!


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