Don’t Swim in the Sea of Other People’s Expectations 



“He was swimming in the damning sea of expectations; he had drowned in seas like that.” Photo: Aleah Michele

You are walking out of your room everyday thinking of other opinion on you. You watch every step of yours just to please those outsiders. You are afraid of being judged, criticised, mocked etc… 

You suffer through some mocking words on your ability. They treat you animal-like. They make fun of your ability. They make fun of your size.

Not every plan you made is going to be achieved. Not every person you meet is going to be nice to you. People are competing to get what they want.

You feel you not fit in a crowd. You start to feel insecure about yourself. Your mind is not constantly stable. You’re afraid of people’s judgement.

But, WAIT! your life doesn’t end there. Blow it off !!! It won’t take forever! Stay away from those negative people. Allow yourself to be a beginner and run into someone’s arm. I know it ain’t going away immediately…

But TIME supposed to heal yah. Everyone already has their own secret stories that cannot be revealed. Therefore, don’t be the burden to make things worse !

"The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more."

Be that person who gives other people hopes. Be that person who helps other people grow. Be that person who gives a warm hug instead of hatred. Be the water to pour on an almost-die plant. Be an umbrella to protect someone from the rain. Be someone’s light in their darkness. Coz may be it’s the only blessing they are in need of…

Roath Sophanna@vevidd 


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