We didn’t Argue, But We are Drifting Apart Now


I bet you all used to be so closed to someone and now completely stranger, not because you had argument with them, but may be because we human change over time. Let me tell you, this is very common; it happens to everyone of us and it’s okay.

When you grow older, the number of friends you have is getting less and less, which is suck. You no longer have a big group of friends like you used to have in primary school or high school. The person you studied with are no longer with you, they go abroad, they are no longer surround you.

Lots of things have gone through over time. You used to be so closed with particular people, you found each other, and you’ve become so alike in so many ways. You spent time chit-chatting about random things over night. You understood each other by just facial expression. You gossiped about people you both hate. You helped each other. You shared your life stories, laughter, and sadness.

“Time flies, people change.” You started to be apart day by day without even noticing. Your all-time best friend seemed kind of distant, like you were just a casual friend. It could be the weirdest thing in the world to see them being closed to new people.

People think it’s kinda sad losing friends along the way, but life is actually just like a soap opera with lots of characters, people coming for a reason, finishing their roles, and leaving you at the end of the day.

Who to blame? No one. You all have different path to walk, different major to pursue, different goal to achieve. It’s human nature to strive for something new, to seek for new opportunity to grow.

At this stage, you might have neglected the importance of friendship till it’s gone. Sometimes when you focus too much on achieving something and do whatever ways until you forget about people around you. You don’t have to wonder why you end up being sad later though you achieved what you need, instead you might lose something you cannot get back.

And now they meet new people, they make new best friend, and you also do the same thing. This is a circle of life. There are awkward moments when you accidentally meet them in public, it takes a little while to think of what to talk because you run out of words to say, while you used to have endless conversations with that person.

“Don’t hold on to negative thinking, and please remember we can’t satisfy everyone. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t have their presence anymore.”

Perhaps, you do the right thing to let them go, to let them find his or her dream. It’s okay to let people go, may be they have no more roles to play in our story chapter or may be they are assigned to play in someone else’s chapter.

Always remind yourself that you still can get back to them when the right time comes, it’s the matter how you stay in touch. Give them a call whenever you are nostalgic of things you’ve been through. Of course, you cannot do that to every person you’ve been closed with, because there must be a lot of them. And even if you get back to them, it doesn’t feel the same way as you did, because people change over time. Your perception, your behavior aren’t like before when you were closed to each other.

When you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, you start to give more time to him or her and oversee the value of friendship. This happens a lot in today’s society. It is sad but truth that some people completely forget their friends and only come back whenever they have argument with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Well, I’m not telling you not to get a girlfriend/boyfriend, but please try to balance between love and friendship as much as you can. Because you cannot live your life without either one of them.

However, not all of them are going to leave. Psychologists proved that a friendship, which last more than 7 years will last forever, so if you found that one friend whom sticks with you during those hard times and always be there for you no matter what, you should be grateful and thankful for him or her. Nowadays, this kind of person is hard to find, so don’t ignore them nor take them for granted. Skip your busy schedule sometimes to value his or her presence in your life. It’s about prioritize. ❤


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