Nobody Heard Him Cry

Nobody knew his pain, nobody heard him cry.

He doesn’t blame anyone for that because he always keeps things to himself. He always smile to hide those broken pieces of him, he always seems to be forever happy. But deep inside of him is more vulnerable than you can think. This voiceless soul is crying for help, but nobody knew he’s in need of somebody’s hug…

Only if he could spill everything out, things would be different. Yet, he can’t, again, he has no gut to break the wall. He desired to be seen as a strong man, yet his darkness of shadow is always haunting and drifting him away from happiness. He’s afraid of someone would see him the way he sees himself.

He’s good at hiding, He’s good at pretending. That’s all he could do to make everyone around him thinks he’s always fine, he’s never been broken. He was caught in an endless cycle of thinking over and over again how he became lost quickly.

Even though he had hit rock bottom, he’s still trying to maintain himself to project that all’s well, to tell himself that he can always start over each morning… hmmm *sigh*


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