The Day You’re Gone, a Part of Me Died


The very first time I saw you, never have I ever thought that you would be so special to me. If you asked me how did we fall in love, it’s probably the hardest question I’ve ever received.

Our love story kicked off when you couldn’t control your feeling, and poured it out when I dropped you a Birthday wish. Who know! one simple wish could lead to thousands of chats days and nights. We flirted, we laughed, we smiled like idiots.

I’ve never found any type of connection with anyone before. I had more courage to tell you anything, reveal my whole self to you, and feel free to be completely me when in your company. It’s difficult to put the feelings into words, but I just feel it in my heart and deep in my bones. You embraced my flaws and showed me the way to be proud of who I am. You supported my decisions, choices, and never claimed for credit.

We knew that we’re not gonna be the greatest fit, but we won’t let go anyway, because we believed that we’d get through over time. We tend to learn one another’s natures and character.

When I disappeared for months at a time, you still sticked to me virtually through days and nights chats. You made sure I have enough of you and feel your presence anytime. It turns out that many times, you were thinking about me simultaneously, yet I was ignorant, and took it for granted.

Later on, I came to realise that you gave me a lot more than I could ever give back to you. You asked for more affection, and care, that I couldn’t complete for you. I begged for your forgiveness countless times, and you kindly accepted it.

and now it’s time! It’s time to reflect the path we’re going to walk. I couldn’t do any better, I only made situation worse. The only way I could figure out was to let you go, and never come back even though you asked to stay no matter what… I knew it was a stupid and shameless choice, yet I couldn’t think of anything better than that…

They day you’re gone, a part of me died. Yet, I acted so strong to let you go off me and delete all the memoirs we had. I felt so sorry for not being able to complete all those promises I made. I am sure there will be no one can do better than you did. I just hope you’ll meet someone who treat you a lot better than I did and never meet some asshole like me. You are now with your new chapter. Spend it wisely…

From your used-to-be asshole,


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