8 Tips: Why You Should be Selected?

No matter you are applying for a job position or scholarship abroad, you’re going to be asked this simple, yet hyper critical question. I can say this is the most killing question, deciding your fate. So how can you gonna nail it? It’s easy if you know some tricks.

1. Prepare ur answer in advanced

Make a list of reasons you can think of and practice it before hand. Be well-prepared for that killing question for every interview stage because it’s going to appear anyhow. Cross out irrelevant reasons and keep it short and simple.

2. Answer accordance with your cover letter

I suggest you reread your cover letter or study plan that you submitted in the first round, so that you won’t make things you’ll say contradict to things you wrote.

3. Make a good impression 

People may know the name of the highest mountain in the world, but only few know the second highest one. Same thing can apply to human. Make them remember you among a bunch of other applicants. Leave them a good impression of you. There are many ways; it could be as simple as your cheerful smiling face.

4. Explore your strength 

Think of something you CAN do, NOT something you WANT to do. Tell them what you haven’t written in your CV or Cover Letter. What are you good at? What can you do that others cannot do it? Tell them your ability to work. Prove them you are one of a kind.

5. Be natural & Don’t lie 

Don’t try to memorize your answer in your head because sometimes it doesn’t work well. You may be stuck at some points thinking the notes you rehearsed in your head. People may know whether you are telling lies by just looking at your facial expression.

6. Learn about the organization 

Spend some times searching for general information of the place you are applying for, such as their vision and activities they are doing. You can take opportunity to link your experience to prove that you are a rightful candidate to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives.

7. Be an opportunist 

If you find yourself cannot think of any good answers yet, don’t just answer it right away. You can delay the time, for example, by saying ” Ohh, that’s a really good question!” It can save you up several seconds to think of what you are going to say next.

8. Don’t be too boastful 

It’s the chance to sell yourself in a humble way. Don’t go over the line, and claim something out of your limit. Good Luck with your upcoming Interview !!!


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