Never Think Twice to Fight for What You Want


(Picture Source: abduction)

Each of us strives for success, hoping to arrive at one point we aimed for, but not everyone can discover his or her inner strength and believe in the art of possibility. We may think our dream is unattainable; we may not have the gut to take risk.

Little voice in the head always thoroughly compares oneself with others in term of scales, grades, achievement, or what-so-ever. Soon the stranglehold of comparison can become barrier, drawing opportunities away from one’s hands.

Just remember, everybody has different things they are good at and things they find difficult. Perhaps, you don’t realize how better your are in term of particular thing that some others are jealous of. who know?

Most people avoid grabbing opportunity in the face and shift onto someone else due to the lack of confidence and fear of disappointment at the end.

Trust me, If we do not struggle against the storms that life throws at us – even if it seems beyond our strength – we will never find the right way. But most of the time, it requires strong will to unlock those hidden resources in the depths of our heart.

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”— Jeff Bezos

Instead of saying, “I DON’T KNOW”, you may say “I WILL TRY”. Take the challenge, and study it, make the most of your knowledge, skills and abilities. You’ll feel great with the outcomes.

Life is like running a Marathon. Just because others arrive the finish line before you; doesn’t mean that you don’t have capacity to do the same. You might feel exhausted along the way, but you will reach the destination eventually.

It’s never too late to work progressively on your goal, though others work faster. Even if your hard work doesn’t pay off at the moment, just know that may be it’s not your right time yet; something greater is awaiting for you. Just don’t lose faith in yourself. You’ll never know !!!

Written by: Vevidd’s Day Off


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