Because Friendship is Everything


credit: @approvers 

In 4 years, I’ve met many groups of people along the way, but sadly not all of them stay. They come and go, leaving me so much to remember.

I do believe our paths have crossed for a reason; we talked, we took selfies, we created Fb group chat, we were so active, we promised to keep in touch. Shortly after, those become just memories. Busy? Yes, life is always busy…

People often tell me not to think too much, they tell me it’s 21st century, we do have social media, we can talk any time soon. Well, I somehow agree…

BUT it’s NOT the same !!! believe me or not, it’s gonna be two different feeling when you are away from each other. I know it’s a cycle of life, but it always hits me hard to scroll to all those old photos we took, all those fun we shared.

That’s why, Whoever I am together now, I try to make every minute counts, try to embrace their flaws and make more memories together, because I have no idea where will those people go tomorrow? Or what will happen in the following days? It’s unpredictable…

I don’t need to wait till their birthdays to post on their wall. I always remind them that I’m thankful to have them around, and I love them. I remind them how beautiful and strong they are and how much they mean to me…

Lots of LOVE :’)


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