Sometimes You Cannot Shut People’s Mouths

It may be true that we all need to communicate with other people as a part of our daily life. Each and everyday, information may pass through our brains endlessly, some will be stored, and some will be diminished shortly afterward.

The congruence of people’s conversations involves gossiping. They called it instinct or innate behavior. We human tend to be curious of other people’s business.

What is worse, some people bad-mouth behind someone’s back, yet they professionally pretend to be so sweet in front of that person. I call it two-face people. Some people may realize about it, but most people have fallen into their traps.

Believe me or not? This type of person is not trustworthy. If they can bad-mouth about someone to you, they can also talk the same shit about you with others. Who knows? Once they stop talking to you, they would start talking about you.

I have a friend, who is known as a chatty girl kinda-like. Nothing can shut her mouth even the brace. She talks bad about others just to make her cool. Ridiculously, I saw her commented on that person whom she talked shit about, ”You’re my idol, I am you fan!” I was like, can somebody give her an Oscar award for Best Acting of the year?

I don’t buy the idea of talking shit about someone else makes you perceived as a better person. Instead, it shows your real ugly side of jealousy, and makes people form negative conclusions about other people.

What if the story is not true? Someone’s reputation based entirely on you. And you are tearing them apart, are you happy to do that kind of thing?

Have you ever heard that bad stories travel fast? It’s somehow true. It travels too fast to the point that it blindfolds the receivers and spreads from one mouth to one mouth. They often say, “Don’t tell anyone else, okay? I tell only you”. The most popular phrase ever.

Ohh lord, do you believe it? When people are told not to do something, they insist to do it even more. Hence, they keep spreading to newcomers and sooner or later, the story is all over the place. It actually started from “I tell only you”.

Somehow, that person mentioned in the gossiping may not be as bad as you have thought. Don’t accept it too fast; spend more time to learn about them.

There’re always two sides to every story, you cannot clap with one hand. So, before you decide to believe something, you should listen to both sides as it is generally known that communication from one mouth to another may contain less information or exaggerated, or even completely different from the original message, in the worst case.

Well, you can’t walk around and tell people to shut up their mouths. You can only choose to listen or walk away. There’s a famous quote saying that,” What people think of you is not your business”. Don’t focus solely on one problem of your life so much that you neglect enjoyment of everything else. Just ignore them. Let them talk, when they are tired, they would stop eventually.

To all fellow gossipers community

Learn to treat others, as you would want them to treat you. Don’t ever make assumption over somebody’s story! You’d better open your mouth and ask; if you feel like you must know that story, otherwise, you’ll die. Please put yourself in their shoes.

If you don’t have something nice to say, just shut the fuck up. Don’t just be a little kitty when they are around, and turn so bitchy behind their back. Be a peacemaker, can you?


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