A Day of Fame


Not sure if I like that, actually. I mean, too much attention is not my thing, but I don’t like nonattention even more.

After gone through an airport-like security check, I was assigned to sit at the backseat at the Town Hall, which I knew for sure I would be everywhere on Internet. The dazzling lights flashed through my eyeglasses with a bunch of cameras setting up towards where I sit. Becoming a background celebrity for an hour wasn’t that bad. LOL

There I was sitting like a stone; my butt glued to the seat for the whole freaking time. For those who assigned to sit at the background stage were not allowed to touch cellphones, drink water, hide hands, or even go to restroom. Can y’all imagine how hard it was? Especially when you wanted to yawn, but you gotta hold it in. ><

“Don’t worry! You’ll have lots of photos taken for you,” they convinced.

Being a backstage sitter wasn’t easy at all; and what even worst was that I looked like a FREAK in the Facebook video live. Brightful Flying Shirt, Good-bye my handsome look! Haha 

During the whole process, I felt a little bit of panic rise in my gut, but that was okay; at least I got to question Obama and did handshaking at the end. Worth sacrificing for!!! 😀

After the Town Hall ended, a bunch of friends bumped into me and hollered, “What a great question! Phanna” “You are so lucky,” “I am so proud of you!” or “You’re gonna be famous soon” and I racked my brains for something to say back to them… 

They broke out in applause and the people around me started clapping me on the back.

U know, To others, this may be a small thing, but to me, it means universe.

A Day of Fame started since then,

My new YSEALI friends gotta know me better, and I saw many smiling faces. I could sense their cheering mind for me.

I even got CONGRATULE message from the U.S Embassy, Cambodia, Facebook page, and I was melt reading those heartfelt comments under the post.

Facebook notifications kept popping up non-stop, and hundreds of friend requests. Ohh Myy Goshhhh, it was really called a Day of Fame….

Several hours later, USAID Cambodia Facebook page posted my video clip asking Obama, which gained thousands of shares and likes. By the time I am writing this, there is more than 200k views now. This is getting insane, isn’t it?

I was mentioned/tagged on their Facebook timelines, giving me so much to remember that extraordinary day.

Day of Fame is over, and I am now still don’t know what I am doing… haha

I am looking forward to seeing more incridible memories added to my diary in years to come. 

I believe your strong commitment will beat anything. Don’t lose hopes along the way. If you fail this time, get up and do it again. I know it’s not easy, but if you don’t try this time, then when will it be??? Miracle could happen only if you try hard 😉


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