Overcoming Biggest Fear and Getting to Question Obama

Heavy Breath Moment :’D

Several years ago, I saw a video shared virally through my Facebook newsfeed, about a first Cambodian girl, who got picked by President Obama to ask question during the Town Hall. The video received many shared and proud comments. I was one of them cheering for her. At the same time, I was so doubtful why she got chosen to participate in such a spectacular event. May be she is an outstanding student or something.

One or two years later, another Cambodian boy got famous overnight for calling Mr. President old. He was featured in many local and international headlines. Again, his video went viral throughout the day, earning a bunch of admiration from many Cambodian people.

Well, life is so unpredictable; you’ll never know what will happen on you next.

[…] After much suffocation and dedication, this year, it’s my turn to be in the Town Hall meeting President Obama in person, which I have never thought of. Everything seems so unreal.

As always, after he finishes his speech, he allows young people like us to shoot him with questions. This time is so tough; he only receives 10 questions from each ASEAN country. Who know if that one person will be you? Just be hopeful.

Normally, I am not a type of person who dares to stand up talking to the ocean of people. It’s my biggest fear. Surprisingly, I don’t know where the courage comes from; I don’t have to think twice to raise up my hand high up in the sky.

“Where is Cambodia?” he asks. Right in the moment with the scream of my friends “Cambodia, Cambodia!!!” he turns to where I sit, and points right on me with “This young man, from Cambodia…”

My heart starts racing non-stop, thinking of question I rehearse in my brain. It’s my time, doing bad or good, it will depend on this second.

***Hundreds of eyes targeting me***

Luck is on my way; Phewww! Thanks God, I made it !!! I shivered with excitement in the middle of a huge crowd…

Lots of thoughts running through my head, “What did I just do?” “Is it for real?” “Did I just question the world’s leader?” “Am I dreaming?” Damnnnn…

This is the proudest day of my life…

*Don’t lose hopes of where you are right now, Great things take times*

Handshaking Handshaking

Here is a video of my spectacular moment 😀



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