Gut Tightened Moment 

Once upon a time, while I was finding available seat in the cafeteria with a plate of food in my hands, there was suddenly a girl, whom I’ve been looking for ages, walked pass me. My eyes flashed fast like a laser beam, searching for her again in the ocean of people.

My gut tightened, I wanted to get closer, sit down with her, and talk to her. But back then, I didn’t dare.

My two other friends who were there as well knew exactly how I kept looking at her instead of my own food on the dining table. They named Tam, from Vietnam, and Sarah, from Germany.

They pushed me to go and ask her for a photograph. “It’s not the right time” I said. “If it’s not now, when? You may not see her ever again, it’s probably your last time seeing her, don’t miss this good chance” they replied. I shivered and nodded.

I was trying to finish my plate of rice as soon as I could just to make sure I can follow her after all.

I had been bombarded with lots of panicky things inside me. Like may be she’s cranky from too much attention and sweets.

We followed her to a coffee shop next to our faculty building. She was there having a drink with her mates, while I was standing outside staring at her, like I was a security camera…

Ohhh my chest was in a vise grip. I couldn’t breath properly. I started wheezing, sweating. I never got that feeling before.

I told my friends to go to the class first so that I will ask her by myself. They insisted to stay and watch me do it immediately. They wanted to prove that I really did it. “You can do it, Phanna!” they yelling. Ohhh the vise grip tightened on my ribs.


I decided to give up and going back to the class, but suddenly one of my friends, Tam, followed by Sarah, grasped into the cafe and talked to that girl. Ohhh my speechless moment….

My heart raced from all the food I just had, and from the closeness of this girl.

She took her hair tie off, and smoothed her hair just to snap a picture with me. Oh, God, that was the cutest thing ever.

*Snap Snap!* Done, and thankfully I got those selfies without too much staring from strangers there.

She gave me a smile, and that freaking killed me. It really does. I, apparently, don’t need anything else.

We did exchange a small conversation tho.

My stomach twisted and I smiled like an idiot whenever I looked at those photos again….

That was such a memorable moment at Chula, that’s why I decided to write this short diary to make it alive. Blush Blush



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