Thailand Diary 

Nothing else could give me so much joy other than receiving a full scholarship for a semester exchange abroad. I have been chasing this dream for ages, and now I proudly receive it with my both hands!

I am fortunate enough to receive this invaluable opportunity to study in Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, one of the top universities in Thailand.

By coming here, I made a hard decision to suspend my internship period at VOA Khmer. Being a part of VOA was truly a fruitful learning journey, but I also wanted to pursue a better academic life before I graduated.

Even though I’ve been here several times, I’ve got a completely different feeling this time. I live like local people, learning to speak their language, and thinking carefully about my daily spending.

I am staying at the 13th floor, but it was named 12A floor, may be because of the superstition? I dunno. I shared a room with another wild Cambodian friend. We both have a similar background, so it is not difficult to get adapted.

The first night, on my floor, there wasn’t Wi-Fi connection, so my roommate got downstairs for Wi-Fi. I was in the room alone, feeling a bit creepy, thinking of some Thai horror movies ‘scenes. I admit that I had to turn the light on in order to feel safe.

In the morning on the 2nd day, my roommate told me that he got a nightmare of someone trying to grab his hand in the dawn. He tried to call me, but I didn’t know anything. He’s still not sure whether it was nightmare or real. WTH! I thought it wasn’t a good start, but I tried to calm myself down.

Well, let’s end the story here, wait for next episode when the school start next week. Bye Bye…


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