Four-Year Comes To An End 

20799025_1900354496897737_4061162542382581098_nFriday July 8th 2016 marks as the day I checked out from Department of International Studies, Institute of Foreign Languages. The night I made it through the four years I never thought it would end.

I made it through the late night procrastinating, the last minute cramming before exams, the sleepless nights before assignment deadlines, and so much more that made it a rewarding journey.

I am going to wake up feeling different of having no more “One Night Policy” to worried about, no more class to attend, no more group work to response, no more lessons to memorize. Getting rid of those stressful tasks is such a relieved.

I used to wish this day came faster and I am pretty sure that I will be excited for what will offer me sooner in the future, however, I come to realize that I am also leaving something behind.

From tomorrow on, I won’t be in class chit chatting with my friends. I won’t be eating random food at the canteen. I won’t see my friends more often (it’s cheesy, I know, but sometimes that little thing is due). I won’t get those feelings back.

We reached another phase of life, we have different goal to pursue. Some would find a suitable job, while some would probably pursue higher education across the world. But no matter path we will walk, I do hope some days you turn back and cherish all the moment we have spent together, and be nice to one another even though we are no longer classmates.


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