My KhmerTimes Journey

From the one who hate reading Newspapers to the one who write it …


As a sophomore media student, I worked as a freelance reporter at YouthToday KhmerTimes Newspaper for four months, choosing my own topics and covering social issues ranging from profile feature to event story. Having demonstrated my work through weekly publication, I can see myself as a new person.

I hereby introduce you to my previous articles I have written:

Prepping For Chevening: From Application to Interview

One Major or Two?

Is Virginity Important for a Happy Marriage?

Yutkromkhorm: The Traditional Khmer Fighting Style

Sok Nalys: My Body is Made for Dancing

Chhum Sambath: Gaming to First Place

The Girl Behind the Giant Mask

“Ranon Phal’s Art”

Champey Academy of Arts: Free Cambodian Traditional Arts Instruction

LOVE9 Series 2 Comes to Screen

Khmer Doodle Artist : Chhoun Vichheka

RUPP Youth Mental Health Day

Urbral Shapers: It’s Time to Shape Our Future

Youth Education and Employment 2015: Aims for Post-High School Preparation


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