There are Times When You Need to Get Up by Yourself 


At some points of your life, there must be the worst day of all time when top dropped down to bottom and to the zero level. Well let me be with you in your hard time. I do believe at this stage, you need something to help you feel not alone. And I hope this internet post will do.

Given the fact that life is full of ups and downs, you can be the happiest human being on earth, and in the next minute you can turn to be the saddest person in this whole universe. That is so common.

There are times when you forget to value things you were having till it is gone in a sudden. A lot of regretful thinkings keep running throughout your head.

There are times when you gotta meet some unexpected scenes and lost your stance in your life. Life punches you right in the face and you cannot get up and start to hate yourself.

There are times when your friends start to be apart from you as you did a terrible mistake. They quickly forget a thousand times you’ve done good on them.

There are times when you are hurt by a person you trust and thought they would never do so. You are lied, cheated, taken for granted. Your heart starts to break into pieces.

There are times when you want to hide yourself from people. You are tired of being judged, being compared, being bullied. All the effort you have put for ages is completely gone because of people’s discouraging words.

There are times when hard work doesn’t pay off. You start to feel stressed out and you see everything around u miserable. You lost your motivation to try harder. You may start to think your dream is not achievable. You start to lose self-confidence and wanna give up. You are tired of giving it a try over and over again.

There are times when you no longer care about your fitness. Even the food from heaven is no longer felt the deliciousness. You forget to take a good care of yourself because life put u into the worst situation.

But, WAIT! Your story chapter hasn’t ended yet, it was just a plot in the scenario where you are being knocked down by whatever means. You have full authority over your story; choosing your conclusion. Why don’t you erase your bad past and create a new better version of yourself as a main character that would have a happy ending?

“It’s okay not to be okay!” That’s true. We all are human beings, no one can be forever happy. Okay?
It’s simply means you still have choice over your life. Choosing to stick to your old bad memories or to create a new plot twist filling yourself with new outrageous things?

You have to always remind yourself how happy your life were. You don’t have to feel like a sad sack. We never know what may happen tomorrow or the next next day. It’s generally said that life is short, so live your life while you can. Many people are watching you to be successful.

You still reading? Well, if yes, you are not giving up easily. I am so proud of you.
It’s easier said than done; I agree, but isn’t it better to seek for a solution rather than remain your status quo?

I know those miserable experiences will haunt you and stuck in your mind in the long term. Believe me! Start with a small step. You’ve been through a lot, each time it teaches you a lesson in life. Each time, it teaches you to be stronger, to realize who is your real caretaker during your hard time, to discover yourself more.

You know Sometimes it’s okay to cry, if it helps you to release your anxiety and grieve, please do. After all of that, take a moment to flashback and ask yourself would you repeat your mistake again?

I do believe in fate, people are designed to come across each other for a reason. And Yes! Some people are just a back stage character who will leave when they finished their role. But, some would stick around like a glue till the end. Take sometimes to be thankful to those people who always there for you. They deserve an Oscar award.

And don’t beg those people who don’t value your presence to stay, they can physically stay, but not mentally. Perhaps, their absence can lead you to meet new people who are going to fit you more than them. Waiting for someone who will never come back is a waste of time.

Time will heal everything. Sooner or later, your scar will be healed. Your broken heart will be fixed. Your trust will be restored. Your spirit will be revived throughout times. All you gotta do is to love yourself, respect yourself, take care yourself.

Think it as a bad dream, and wash them away with waking up doing your favorite hobbies, talking to your favorite listener, playing your favorite songs, reading your favorite books, and eating your favorites food. This would temporarily switch your bad mood.

You are going to get over it, I believe in you, I’ve been through where you at. Turn off Internet and put down your device and go find your true happiness in the real world !!!


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