SINGAPORE, the City Never Sleeps

One of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world, Singapore never fails to amaze its visitors. No public transportation is really needed in the central business area district, as it is a hub of everything ranking from small vendors to high buildings. At night, Marina Bay Sand pops out outstandingly above the crowd, shows its unique shape and gives a glorious view to the visitors by its strobe light. Apart from that, The Merlion status is the iconic place where all the tourists are eager to see. Walking back and forth, visitors are never getting enough of taking photographs of themselves with the charming night view of the city. Shopping malls are filled up with popular branded products across the world such as Lacoste clothes, Converse shoes, LV bags, Romanson watches, latest electronic devices and so on. Aside from shopping, Singaporean street food is another thing visitors cannot miss, not to mention about spicy chili crab and roasted duck rice, which all are mouth-watering. Singapore is the destination that proves the diversity of cultures and innovations. The memories have stuck with me ever since and I do hope to go back some days…


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