Confession Of A Boy Who Falls For Stranger 

 Artwork by: @boysbygirls

Dear My Facebook Crush,

It was one of the best days when you confirmed my friend request. I felt like you confirmed my girlfriend proposal. It was a ridiculous dream of mine.

That green dot always makes me nervous and thrilled. Lots of emotions mix to the stage that I cannot describe. My brain doesn’t function well and cannot properly structure a sentence to start the conversation.

My mind goes blank seeing your profile pictures. Oh my goodness, you are my drug, I am so addicted and never get enough of your pictures. I just fall in love with your profile.

I keep scrolling up and down your profile more regularly than I have my meal. I have always been trying to find out whether you have got a boyfriend. I was extremely hoping you are not taken yet.

I stalk everyone who tag you in their posts. They are so lucky to have photos taken with you. I wish I were in those photos too. I am seriously jealous just to read your comments with unknown people.

I always be thoughtful when it comes to posting my selfies. I need to make sure I look good enough to get your attention. I always expect your notification that would never come.

I set you as my close friend, I set “See First” to make sure I don’t miss any posts of yours and be your first liker even though you never notice my effort.

You keep me falling so hard that I don’t care about anything around me. You are the reason I go online everyday.

Whenever, the green dot doesn’t appear, you got me thinking what are you doing? Are you having fun?

Why on earth I miss a girl whom I never met in real life? It’s just like falling for a Hollywood celebrity whom doesn’t even know I exist on this planet.

Thank Facebook for bringing her pictures to me, but not her real body in reality. Can we be more than a Facebook friend?


Unknown Guy,


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