Reasons You Should Blog

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Online Diary

Your journey would go a really long way so better take some times to capture and keep those magical moments alive. The other thing with human memory is that we tend to forget, so an online portfolio is a great place, which you can put down your experiences, for example, a part of your fellowship to the United States, people you met, communities you have interacted with etc.… Think of it as an online diary but sort of relate in a more professional manner.

Building Credit Online

You can build your online identity that you can keep going with.  When you are seeking for a job after graduation, this personal website will serve you best, which you can impress your employers by works you have done. It is a great way telling people what you are doing, where you from. Sometimes instead of sending them PDF files, you can just say “If you want to know more about me, please go to my website” that is so much cooler, right? I mean all your works are already there, and all they have to do is one click. They don’t have to keep searching your email to get your information.

Be Inspiration for others

A lot of famous people in the world have written books about their life to inspire people. Therefore, you can do the same by starting with something small. You have no idea of how your stories might be inspiring enough to change someone’s perception and encourage them to work harder in their life. Being able to reveal your struggling and successful experiences is something worth sharing.

Updating Writing Skill to the Next Level

When you start typing, your brain also starts thinking of whatever possible ways to begin your stories in an eye-catching way. You may stuck at some points, but just keep going and write whatever comes into you mind. You can recheck and restructure later. By doing so, you will flow of ideas and never run out of what to say.

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Written by : Roath SoPhanna


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