Knowing the story behind every food place is something you should not miss. Therefore, let me begin with a little background of Ajisen Ramen. Currently, Ajisen Ramen serves for more than 700 locations worldwide. It started up its recipe base in Japan and spread out to the rest of the world since 1995.

Ramen Ramen ....
Ramen Ramen ….

Located along Kampuchea Krom road; this restaurant serves many Japanese cuisines that really suit with Cambodian taste. I along with a couple of my friends was there to witness some of the signature food offered by the restaurant.
Once we stepped in the restaurant, we were warmly welcomed in Japanese greeting phrase. It made the atmosphere become even more like in Japan. Being special guests, we were brought into the VIP room, which is very suitable and perfect for meeting or family gathering purpose. It was quite comfortable and cool with the interior design.

Let the food journey begin!!!

On a big table, several food set were served one by one till we could not find more proper space to put such as four large bowls of Ramen, Curry Chicken Rice, Pizza Rice, Fried Chicken, Salad, several glasses of lemon juices and many more.

Actually, I used to go there for only Ajisen Ramen, but then I realized that I have missed a lot of other delicious dishes served in the restaurant.

Added with soy sauce, Japanese Gyoza was so good that I could eat all alone. It is Japanese pan-fried dumplings, filled with vegetables and ground meat and wrapped in thin dough. The taste is undeniably awesome.

Japanese Gyoza at Ajisen Ramen Cambodia..
Japanese Gyoza at Ajisen Ramen Cambodia..

Fried Chicken set is another food to recommend, it is crispy hot and I can still remember its pleasant tastes. It would be greater if you eat with some gauze.

Tasty Fried Chicken
Tasty Fried Chicken…. Yum yum

For vegetarian, I would recommend you to try out the Salad over there, as it is different from other places. It doesn’t contain much cheese but a mixture of vegetable such as cucumber and topped with fish eggs.

Salad Lover, u must try this out ;)
Salad Lover, u must try this out 😉

Another great experience is the Ramen. It was indescribable since it is my number 1 Ramen shop that I’ve always been to. Four different types of Ramen have been served on the table and I chose the volcano one. By is name; you might know what will it taste like. Yes! Super spicy! Perfect for chili lovers.

Ajisen Ramen Dishes
Ajisen Ramen Dishes

Moreover, it contains collagen prevent aging, which you can stay young forever lol

A big plate of Curry Chicken rice is the last one to finish, as I got too full with Ramen, I didn’t get to eat much of it. I guarantee it is the biggest plate of all time that you would find it hard to finish for one person.

Curry Rice <3
Curry Rice ❤
Pizza Rice available at Ajisen Ramen Cambodia ;)
Pizza Rice available at Ajisen Ramen Cambodia 😉

Hey, last but not least, don’t forget to try out Ramen Eating Competition. Who knows? You might be the winner. Check out on their Facebook Page !!!! 😉

A dazzling display of Japanese food on one table made us feel top of the world.
Finally, all the plates were clean by our starving mouths.
If you are thinking of Japanese food, Ajisen is your first choice I would recommend.
It is worth what you pay for.
See you in the next Review…
Written by Roath SoPhanna


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