Young Entrepreneurs Rock the Camp

This is a year of triggering out completely new experiences. Back to the very first step I was successfully confirmed to be one of the 10 participants from Phnom Penh city to the program “Urbral Shapers 2015” under the theme of Entrepreneurship, the enthusiasm and passion were always with me. Among many competitors, I was blessing to be given a chance to be part of this fruitful camp.

As reading the description and schedule of the program, I had already felt the excitement and joyfulness of escaping from the noisy city after the stressful final exam to my always-wanna-go place, which is Siem Reap city. To my expectation, there will be many lectures given from morning till evening, which I thought it would be tough just to be sitting and listening. However, things turned out to be completely different. It was the greatest moment I gotta learn something that I cannot discover inside the classroom.

Along the way to Siem Reap, most participants were really silent, which didn’t seem so right at the first start. Then, after the first training day, everyone seemed to be bounce together. We busted into laughter, with various kinds of games and I think it was the starting point that we got to have a better image of each other by remembering everyone’s names. The lectures weren’t about just sitting and listening as I expected, but it was about moving your body from head to toes. It kept us entertaining that made us forgot about the clock. The thing I noticed after each game, we were asked to reflect to the reality of our everyday life, which has stuck in my mind ever since.

Another point I cannot ignore was the Truth and Dare session. I was not really into that kind of games until that night of experiencing it with my people. The first start was a little awkward till several sensitive questions have been asked. Luckily I wasn’t the one who was asked often. As things started to be hotter and hotter, we tempted to be freaking anxious inside with those spontaneous and shock questions. I don’t wanna mention more since the rule has been set not to spread outside the room. However, I would probably be regret if I hadn’t joined the games. Additionally, the most emotional moment happened during the sharing session of happiest and saddest things that could ever happened to everyone. Well, I felt great listening to some stories behind a beautiful smile.

Getting to share the same breakfast, lunch and dinner together for a whole week training was something strikes my heart whenever I do a flashback. I miss a “Good Morning!” phrase with smiling faces that I realized it has already faded away and hardly ever happens again. I counted the day and begged the time not to fly that fast, because I wanted to live in those dream for a longer time. I cannot be thankful enough for letting me meeting many inspiring and potential people who share the same goal in making positive impact on our society through our business ideas. Those people made the camp rocking and memorable. They really empowered me to have a business mindset and to pursue my desire to make my ideas implemented in real life one day. I couldn’t ask for more than that. I do miss everyone. I fear that the distance and time would fade those precious moments. Let’s keep in touch guys!!! Young Entrepreneurs Camp 2015.

Written by: Roath SoPhanna



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