One Day Being Myself

The first solo adventure happened to me when I stepped my foot in Singapore last year. The memories have stuck with me ever since. Being alone without any proper plans, I decided to make my summer vacation trip happened. This could be fun or completely boring trip, let see how did I endure. Arriving at the airport, I could feel differently from my previous trips and everything around me seemed to be so fresh, especially, the automatic sky train without any drivers. With a smart phone in my hand, I started to explore the city with my own desire and discover the true feeling of being independent. I traveled from place to place like a stranger in the unknown place and unknown people. Unlike others, I didn’t have any fear of getting lost along the way because I found it easy to recognize Singapore location and the system of public transportation, MRT. It took me like hours to get to the top of the Sky Park (a famous iconic building of Singapore). It was amazing how I can outlook the bird-eye view of Singapore landscape from the very top of the building…(to be continued)


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