Make a date for fine dining at city’s newest Vietnamese cuisine “Hoang Yen Restaurant”

Getting a chance to do a food review at a Vietnamese casual fine dining restaurant “Hoang Yen”, I am more than excited to experience different taste of Vietnamese cuisine.
Actually, in Cambodia, there are many Vietnamese street food serving Cambodian taste, so now let’s see how it is different from the food serving in the modern restaurant.
I together with my Classmate, Rita, went to the “Hoang Yen” last week to give some reflection on the food over there. Just from outside view, the 3-story venue shows its charming and elegant design equipped with modern interior. The surrounding was very comfortable and really fit for those who like to have a private discussion, meeting, or family gathering. I can say that I fell in love with the interior decorations with wooden chair and table. All the set like plate and spoon were all in Vietnamese traditional, which are eye-catching.

Well prepared set ...
Well prepared set …
classic design inside the restaurant.
classic design inside the restaurant.

Let’s get started with the food journey….!!!!
Several sets of food were served one by one and were very well decorated for pictures taking. Once the photo session finished, it was time to test the real taste. OMG! It looked like a food praying for ancestor because there were full plates on the table lol. The dishes in front of me were now piled with food. Luckily, we had 3 people to finish all the dishes. I had never seen so many things I like to eat on one table!

All favorite dishes on one table… ❤

I piled my plate with a bit of everything. I started my first try with the Pandan rice and the sour Vietnamese soup (Somlor Machu Youn), it tasted something strange from the normal sour soup I used to eat; more sour and tasty. This soup is good enough to fulfill your stomach. The rice is crunchy with some type of white bits on it.

Another mouthwatering dish was the deep fried noodle mixed with shrimps and vegetables- mushroom, broccoli. It tasted even greater if you added chili sauce on it depend on how much you’d like to. You gotta mix it well before you eat.

Deep-Fried Noodle .... drooling !!!
Deep-Fried Noodle …. drooling !!!

It was such a hard time ever choosing which food to eat since there were many choices on the table. I started to taste the deep-fried shrimp spring rolls, recommended by our guide. It was quite different from the normal spring rolls since they made the raw shrimp inside. Adding the fish sauce, I can’t stop myself from having more of it.
Then, we were recommended to try out their signature breakfast set, beef white noodle with a traditional Vietnamese coffee. I particularly like the taste of the soup. Don’t forget to put the banana flower and some more chilies if you like spicy. The soup was sort of sour already that you don’t have to put more lemon in it.

Breakfast set with traditional Vietnamese Coffee...
Breakfast set with traditional Vietnamese Coffee…

Another tasty set is the steam mushroom and mixed with some meat. I suggest u eating it while it’s being hot because it can keeps good taste. It would be nice if u eat along the bitter melon soup and white rice. It came a full set.

Best fit with white rice...
Best fit with white rice…

When we had eaten as much as we could, the remains of the food faded from the plates, leaving them sparkling clean as before.

A moment later the puddings appeared. I can’t describe how much I love the green tea mixed with milk, which was served the last to end the meal. It was not so sweet and it was like a Matcha flavor pudding. It is a must try!!!!
All in all, it was such a great journey through many Vietnamese cuisines. I never have enough of it. I can’t wait to go back some day with my family. It was one fining lunch with all delicious Vietnamese food….

Hoang Yen Restaurant

No.35, Street 294 (corner Street 29) Sangkat Tonle Bassac, open daily from 6:00am-10:00pm


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