The Asian Kitchen Cambodia Review

The Asian Kitchen is famous for its Roast Specialist, which is originally franchise from Singapore. Currently, there are 2 main branches of TAK in Phnom Penh city, one is located on the Monivong Boulevard, in front of Wat Koh pagoda and another one was just opened in AEON mall on the 3rd floor. The Asian Kitchen! Inspired by ancient inns in China, the dishes at the Asian Kitchen are homey and comforting. You will definitely fall in love with their Asian dishes since their Master Chef carefully crafts it to deliver the flavor to the fullness. As you already know that Singapore food is a mixture of Chinese food; and it tastes very delectable and delightful. Comparing with Cambodia, we have similar taste of food; therefore, the Asian Kitchen is very fit with Cambodian people, including me. ❤

The atmosphere in the Asian Kitchen

Yesterday, my friends and I went to experience some great food at the Asian Kitchen in AEON mall, which was so crowded and we had to wait for our seat. Once our turn arrived, we were called by the waitresses, which were in black uniform with the Asian Kitchen logo. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very busy because it was lunchtime and I could see most of the customers there were in the middle age, which means this restaurant is the best for family gathering. I like the way they decorate and design the restaurant, which allows lot of people comfortably fit in and saving more space.


They don’t want to waste time on waiting customers thinking of what to order, so they offered a you-do-it-yourself menu selection, which listed all the extensive Asian dishes. It is more than Roast Specialist, you will be amazed by the other selection of the finest Asian dishes and you can watch their Chef and kitchen staffs prepare your delicious order through their transparent window into the kitchen. We have ordered the signature dishes in the restaurant and we’ve been waiting for a while. 🙂


Roast Duck is an extremely delicious dish that you must try. Its shining reddish-brown skin and tender meat is perfectly taken care by their Master Chef! Try it and you will be amazed! Roast Chicken and Roast Pork! Oh my god this is so delicious!! EVERYONE LOVES ROAST MEAT! Can’t decide roast pork or roast chicken, right? They have TWIN ROAST, which you can enjoy both flavor in one plate! It is awesome, isn’t it? I really love it more with the sauce…

What I like more is that this restaurant is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which I can go any time of the day. You know what? In the morning, there is special type of food, which is Dim Sum Breakfast. I really love eating Dim Sum. Wonton is a word transcribed from Cantonese. In mandarin, it is called “hoon toon” which simply means irregularly shaped dumpling. Asian Kitchen Wonton Definition: Absolutely Delicious! (Y)

10743581_1489017581364766_1828483241_n 10527681_838407652860030_5947881193139015170_n

If you are not satisfied with Roast Meat and stuff, you still can order the Vegetarian selection of food or Vegetarian Fried Rice, which is great for keeping your energies up and avoiding late-afternoon tiredness. Taste the fried rice and you will love it! When you’re satisfied with Vegetarian Fried Rice, wash down everything with a glass of Avocado Snow, a creamy avocado shake. Or simply go for popular desserts such as Chendol or Mango Sago. There are many more kinds of dessert you can choose. Talking about the price, I think it is very suitable comparing to other Chinese Restaurants. 😉


To sum up, I recommend everyone to experience the great food in the Asian Kitchen at least once, I guarantee you will be going there again for sure. For those who are looking for a comfortable and suitable price restaurant for family gathering or any celebration, this restaurant is should be on your list. You gotta try those Roast Meat, which you shouldn’t miss! 😉


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