Grand Opening Major Cineplex Cambodia Expression

Last night, on 6th August 2014, I went to an enormous party at AEON Mall Cambodia, which was the Grand Opening Major Cineplex Cambodia, currently the biggest cinema in Phnom Penh. What made this party breathtaking is the participation from many famous Cambodian and Thai Stars. As a Media team, I was once invited to this incredible cinema and experienced the new 4DX effects, which was just launched in Cambodia by Major Cineplex Cambodia.

Taking photo like a boss :D
Taking photo like a boss 😀

When I first arrived, I could see the crowded fans were waiting for the arrival of their favorite Super Stars. I felt like it was a Press Conference of Hollywood Film Stars with huge number of Fans plus the Cameramen from every corner not to mention about the red carpet. It was great how they could manage the crowded of people and I could see the well organized of the security guards in preventing the plugged up. What I like the most was the walking on the red carpet and felt like I am a famous model. That was just a dreaming and so ridiculous LOL.

Crowded Fans waiting for their favorite Super Stars <3
Crowded Fans waiting for their favorite Super Stars ❤
View inside the Major Cineplex !!!
View inside the Major Cineplex !!!

Getting through the event, I could feel the excitement of the people and the busy atmosphere inside the cinema. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at countless beautiful and handsome people out there. Plus, a wide range of styles were on display at the Grand Opening of Major Cineplex by Cambodia Super Model team, and also some famous Thai actors namely, Nickkunatip and Dome Pakorn. They all dressed up in a very fantasy way and walking on the red carpet with the screaming of their fans. This made the party even more cheerful and enjoyable.

This couple is awesome <3 Cr: Mean Sonita
This couple is awesome, Cr: Mean Sonita ❤



There was also a small but marvelous stage inside the Major Cineplex, which allowed me as well as the others guests to easily enjoy the performance of their dancers and singers. I felt on top of the world when Sokun Kanha came out to perform her new song. She is my most favorite female singer in Cambodia. I screamed so much till I got sore throat, but that was Okay because there were plenty of drinks available on the desk, which I could choose whatever I wanted to. While enjoying the performance, there were also friendly waiters serving some snacks and dessert, which tasted super great. What I liked the most is the shrimp one, which I alone ate 5-6 shrimps. I was thrilled with their food. LOL

Sokun Kanha & Dome Thai actor <3 Cr: Tito
Sokun Kanha & Dome Thai actor ❤ Cr: Tito

While waiting for the movie, I had some chitchat with amazing people and exchanged our experiences, which was overwhelming. I am interested in making new friends, so I found this event is a great time for me to meet and greet new people and started to have a good communication with them. We had so much fun and we also took some selfies together. I was delightful to take many photos at the photo booth, which I could express, my joyful feeling.

Photo I took at the Photo Booth <3
Photo I took at the Photo Booth ❤
Selfie with amazing people <3 LOL
Selfie with amazing people ❤

The time has come, I took one small coke and popcorn for the movie called,” The Guardians of the Galaxy.” which is the lastest Marvel movie. I really enjoyed this movie because it included most of the funny scenes that I couldn’t control my laughter and Dave Batista literally made me LOL more than once. The scene I liked the most is when Groot impales the guys and smashes them back and forth into the walls and then turns and smiles at Peter and Drax, it might have been the best moment of the movie! Who would have thought a walking tree that says only three words could be so loveable? And the ending was so funny with the dancing baby Groot!! Worth it! Want to find out more? Go and Check Major Cineplex schedule then! 😀

Premier Ticket of Guardians of the Galaxy...
Premier Ticket of Guardians of the Galaxy…

It was an end of the event, and I can say it was an unforgettable night !!! It remains a lot of fun and excitement. I really enjoyed taking photos and watching all the performances. I could get to know a lot more amazing people, which I’ve never expected. I got the chance to try out many different tastes of food and drinks. Moreover, I’ve got to watch the best movie of the year, which is a recommended movie for everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bro Menghourng for inviting me to join such a great event of Major Cineplex. It was bloody brilliant!!! ❤


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