KOI Café Cambodia Review

Phnom Penh– Every where you go, you will see numerous of bubble tea shops along the road, which most of them are from the International brands such as Gong Cha, Chatime, KOI etc. In recent years, those bubble tea cafés have become popular among teenagers in the city, where they are competing with each other through many promotions and the opening of more branches to attract their customers. Therefore, I am going to review on KOI Café Cambodia, which is one of my favorite bubble tea cafés.

Best Milk Tea ever <3
Best Milk Tea ever ❤

KOI café Cambodia was just opened in the early of this year 2014, yet it was such a huge hit among the masses that there would be long, snaking lines for it. Most of you guys must have heard of this widespread brand and some must have tried the drinks already. KOI café was introduced to me since it was first opened in front my school (IFL). To be honest, I was thinking,” OH! There’s another one, am so sick of that! =.=” However, everything turned out to be totally different. I was always preferred coffee than bubble tea till I first tried the milk tea at KOI not to mention I love pearls. LOL 😀

Actually there are many choices on the menu such as Flavored Tea, Milk Tea, Chewy Tea, and Signature Macchiato. In the Milk Tea series, there are many more flavors such as Green Milk Tea, Honey Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea, Hazelnut Milk Tea, and Chocolate Milk. And in the Macchiato series, there are Green Tea Macchiato, Black Tea Macchiato, Peach Macchiato, Mango Macchiato and Passion Fruit Macchiato. For the toppings, there are Pearls, Grass Jelly, Ai-Yu, Aloe Vera, and Konjac Jelly. ❤

Since it was first opened, I was always wondering why there are many people in the queue everyday every time? So I decided to follow the trend and joined the queue. When I first entered the KOI café, I felt very comfortable and could feel the good smell of the tea. It took some times until my turn to order, because it usually has 10 or more people queuing. However, it was okay because the whether in the café was cold enough. Once I’ve done ordering, again I had to stand waiting for my drinks because there are not enough chairs in the café and plus there were always crowded of people. I dislike queuing though but service is fast and the wait is not too long.

Crowded of people waiting for KOI :D
Crowded of people waiting for KOI 😀

Talking about the price, I think it is very suitable comparing to other bubble tea café since it starts from $1.5 for small cup, which is acceptable by most customers, especially students.

My favorite drink in this bubble tea café is Macchiato series, especially Black Tea Macchiato. One interesting fact about Macchiato is that the staffs there recommended me not to shake before drinking, but some of my friends never believe and they always shake them every time they drink Macchiato series. They added, Drinking Macchiato without shaking will taste greater with the blend of cream and the tea, and I agreed with that. I am completely in love with the cream of Black Tea Macchiato. It’s kind of refreshing and not too sweet for me, and it is really suit with the black tea. While drinking I can feel the good smell of the cream and tea mixed together. For those who don’t like sweet, you can pick your sugar levels from 100% to Zero. Trust me, you have to try at least one of Macchiato series, which can only be found at KOI Café.

I like Black Tea Macchiato the most, It melts my heart <3
I like Black Tea Macchiato the most, It melts my heart ❤

I started to be addicted to KOI now; during the class, I am always thinking of having KOI by my side. Even though KOI café Cambodia is a bit small and it is difficult for motors and car parking, I would always tempted to buy a cup of Macchiato from them. Among other bubble tea cafés, I would put Koi first because their Macchiato has greatly stolen my heart. Anyone who hasn’t tried this drink should really realize they’re missing out in the world of tea and cream milk. There will be another new opening of KOI very soon. Stay tuned !!! 😀

***Note: Pictures are credit to KOI Café Cambodia! ❤



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