Tous Les Jours Cambodia Review

“Tous Les Jours” simply means “Every Day” in English; it comes from the French language, but it is originated in South Korea. Most of you might have heard of this popular brand of Tous Les Jours Cambodia for its best quality of cakes and everyday freshly baked bread, which currently there are 4 branches in Phnom Penh namely TLJ – Monivong Blvd., TLJ – Sihanouk Blvd., TLJ – Sovanna Mall, and the newest opening outlet TLJ – AEON Mall. Basically, its products are bread and pastry, cakes and beverages. In this article, I am going to write a review of what I like and dislike about Tous Les Jours Cambodia.

Freshly baked bread <3
Freshly baked bread ❤

I can say that I am a fan of Tous Les Jours; I usually go there every weekend with my friends. One thing I like about TLJ is that when every customer first enter the shop, they will be greeted nicely by the staffs with the phrase,” TLJ som sva kom!” which means, “Welcome to TLJ!” Whoever has been to this shop, they must have heard of that. Another thing I enjoy is the way they bake their bread, which make are freshly made from the oven everyday; therefore, I recommend you guys to prefer going in the morning in order to get those freshly baked bread and your favorite one. Otherwise, there will be no left for you if you happened to go in the evening. Furthermore, they also serve the Breakfast set as well as the Lunch set, which contain of various kinds of food and drinks from European style. ❤

Donut Lover <3 :D
Donut Lover 😀

What is unique about TLJ is the way they decorate their shops, they are very classic and I can feel like I am in somewhere in France. The shops were all built in French style with the comfortable set of chairs and tables. Moreover, the atmosphere is excessive; every time I walk in, I can smell the good scent of bread and feel fresh and energetic. All the bread is well organized and classified to different flavors. With one tray, I can choose whatever I want to and it is the hardest situation ever since there are many of my favorite bread appearing in front of my face. 😀

The Cakes at TLJ are even more mouth watering; which you can see its display on the fridge in every TLJ outlets. There are many different flavors such as mocha, opera, strawberry, chocolate etc. Interestingly, they are made into different shapes such as square, heart-shape, or even the actual picture of big strawberry or apple. My friends and I always go there to purchase cake in each birthday party. Even my birthday cake last year and this year were also brought from TLJ because of its delicious taste and suitable price. If you guys would like to celebrate any party, do not forget to have a visit to these TLJ stores.

Cute and Delicious Cakes at Tous Les Jours Cambodia. <3
Cute and Delicious Cakes at Tous Les Jours Cambodia. ❤

Beside cakes, bread and pastry, TLJ also offers the customers with the its frozen dessert which called,” Ice Flake” It will burst up your energy once you try them and you won’t get hot as the weather. There are many flavors available. Mango flavor is my favorite one among the others. It is kinda cool!!!

However, when it comes to the payment time, it always takes some times to queue in line. The service is a bit slow in checking the price of those taken bread, but that’s okay. I think this happens sometimes not all the time. It’s time to enjoy the bread now; I can say that the shops really understand me because they always play my favorite songs and current famous songs. Another thing I don’t really like about TLJ is that the plate to put all those bread. Of course, the plate is clean, but it’s quite old that I could see a lot of scratching on those plates. Those scratching plates do not suit with the nice restaurant like TLJ at all.

Available only at Tous Les Jours Cambodia :)
Available only at Tous Les Jours Cambodia 🙂

To sum up, this is one of my favorite bakeries of all time. I enjoy eating those everyday fresh and delicious bread to the max. I probably won’t miss out any TLJ cakes to celebrate my friends’ birthday or my anniversaries. I highly recommend this to who wants the best quality of bread and is looking for a good shop to buy your favorite and delicious cakes. These are available at only Tous Les Jours Cambodia. There will be another new branch opening soon which is located along Santhormuk Road. I am also looking forward to seeing its official opening too since it is near my school. LOL 😀



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